About ME

Hi! My name is Sean and I'm a landscape and portrait photographer in Portland, OR.

I made the move to the beautiful Pacific Northwest in 2016 from Southern California and have loved every minute of it. As an avid hiker and backpacker, being closer to the outdoors was the main reason for my move north. Since then I've spent my free-time exploring the wonderland that is Oregon and Washington.

If I'm not out backpacking, I'm probably snowboarding, kayaking, watching a movie or grabbing a pizza (and if you're in Portland you need to try Ranch Pizza asap)

Other than that I love taking photos that help others tell their stories. Whether it's an engagement, a new product, a concert, or event, life is an adventure and I hope to help you capture it.

So shoot me an email (even if it's to get a list of restaurants in Portland :P )  and we'll chat more!

-Sean Gutierrez

Follow me on Instagram: @S_Davin